On The Inside

On The Inside

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Ugliest Radio in 8-land

My last summer in 8 land I went to a lot of hamfests. At many of them I saw this radio, a portable CB in fact, but that's not the special part, in a deluxe hand made case made of plastic canvas and red and black yarn. It was the ugliest and most useless case I've ever seen for a radio and I suspect that it was made by a caring XYL who didn't use radios because anyone who did use radios wouldn't make such an uncomfortable to hold case. Every time I saw it I made a comment about how ugly it was and a discussion ensued about its potential origins. It was quite the conversation piece and the source of fond memories of 8-land hamfests.

Did I say it was ugly?

In fact, in all my 8-land days it was the ugliest radio that I saw in 8-land and it kept showing up at hamfest after hamfest.

So, at my last hamfest in 8-land, there it was. I thought, well, that would make a great souvenir of 8-land. I have no use for CBs but I had no intention of using it anyway.

So I offered $2. She balked a bit. I said, "hey, I've seen that radio at a dozen hamfests and nobody wants it. I don't want it either but I'm offering to buy it because it's so ugly. It's worth about $1 to me but I'm offering $2 to let you know I'm serious and to drive home the point that there's no room left to haggle. Take it or leave it cause we both know that nobody else has even looked at that thing."

She took my $2 after only a seconds pause. Neither the radio nor the case are worth even a buck, yeah, in case you're wondering, I got ripped off. But, I'm the proud owner of the ugliest radio in 8-land, there is no radio uglier.