On The Inside

On The Inside

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Safe Sound

While there are good short term protection mechanisms for PA systems, e.g., limiters and feedback control, it's still hard on a system to push it to extremes for hours at a time. It would be interesting to be able to monitor the health of a PA system in real time, remotely, and to be able to passively or actively intervene in its operation Safe Sound will attempt to do that. It is a rack mounted PA system monitor that monitors the input and output of a (non-powered) PA system and capture long term usage trends and intervene passively, by sending a text message to the vendor and/or client, and actively, by either reducing the volume of the system or, in some situations, disconnecting the speaker outputs. The primary purpose to this system is monitor usage and intervene passively. Sending a message to the client that the system is running too hot is probably all that is necessary to bring the system within bounds.

The system will be built using the ATT Iot Starter kit. This kit is ideal for this project because we don't really know that we'll have infrastructure when we deploy a PA system, the cell network will provide a reliable way to monitor the system in real time so long as it is in a cell coverage area.

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